Summer 2016 Kit Club Reveal

Our second crochet kit club of 2016 featured:

Unraveling: The Island War
The third story in the Unraveling series by author
C. Jane Reid continued the tale of The Secret Stitch following the families of Ailee and Elsie. The war has nearly ended for the new United States of America, but another war is brewing on the island home of the Donaghue clan. A truce that has existed for almost sixty years is crumbling. Are the three newcomers to the island to blame? Deirdre Donaghue wants to trust the leader of these strange men from the mainland, but Shawn McClaren has a secret he’s unwilling to reveal. Deirdre is determined to uncover it before her life, and the lives of those she loves, is devastated beyond repair. Deirdre’s story will be DSC_0817available in Fall 2016 as The Soldier’s Stitch.

Deirdre’s Kerchief and Summer Mitts
This kit featured not one but two designs to make. On the island, crochet is as much a necessity as an accessory, but it can be hard to wear dense fabrics in the humid, coastal summers. Like our heroine, Deirdre,
Laurinda Reddig has designed an airy fabric with V-stitches for both the kerchief and mitts that works the same lace from different angles, allowing ocean breezes to cool the skin while still offering protection from the threat ever-present on the island home. The patterns are available on Ravelry now. This was Laurinda’s 100th Design!

Black Trillium Fibres YarnDSC_0811
One extra large 150g skein of sport weight Sunriver, a new yarn from
Black Trillium Fibres. The blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon makes it luscious to wear and gives it a nice stretch for the mitts. The hand-dyed choice of colors was Midnight Emerald for the cool forests of the island’s interior or Lush in honor of the war that raged on the coastland for far too long and has finally ebbed. Or is it for the Red Coats, those British soldiers determined to bring the colonies to heel? Only the story will tell.

Carried from a young age by nearly every woman on the island, a huswife is invaluable, keeping scissor, needles, thread, buttons, and any other whatnots a woman might need safe at hand. Deirdre is never found without hers, and in honor of our heroine, every kit shipped with a huswife made by our own Monica Lowe of Craftwich Creations. Made of repurposed fabric and wool, each also held a needle, because what is a huswife without its needle?

Libertas Tea
13320147_1714358835501703_793510100_nThe Boston Tea Party was one early start to the Revolutionary War, and from that day onward, the colonists boycotted English sold tea by making their own blends with garden herbs and flowers. Called Liberty Tea, it was an effective way to stand against oppressive British taxation. The island had their own blend of herbal tea, more from necessity than patriotism, for their contact with the mainland was limited to a few supply ships a year. They eagerly served their special blend of tea to the three newcomers to the island, and a sample of that tea blend by Hollie of The Mighty Sage Co. was included in each kit, tucked within a muslin bag ready for use.

Our Third Kit Club for 2016 goes on sale for Preorders on July 1st and will include another new story by C. Jane Reid that continues the tale of The Secret Stitch and the Dongahue family.


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