How Our Subscriptions Work

Here’s how our Subscriptions will work:

  • During any Preorder Month (January, April, July, or October), choose the SUBSCRIBE Button on the purchase page.
  • You will only be charged for the current Kit Club (including shipping), but will automatically be charged for future kits on the same date each Preorder Month as your original date of purchase.
  • You should indicate your General Color Preference as “Cool”(blues/greens) or “Warm”(reds/yellows/browns) when you sign up. Most kits have one in each category.
  • We will send a follow-up email to confirm your color choice for each kit at the end of the Preorder Month, but will use your General Color Preference if we do not hear back from you.
  • We can currently offer subscriptions to U.S. customers only, international customers can still purchase individual kits.

You may cancel your Subscription at any time PRIOR to the next Preorder Month by going to your PayPal account and cancelling the recurring payment.