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  1. Hi
    I have just joined your mailing list, I live in Australia and really love your idea of the kits and the reading your yarn also looks beautiful. I was wondering if I was able to purchase your kits at all?


    • Hi Donna,
      Yes! We ship our kits all over the world (quite a few to Australia actually). Shipping is just a little bit more for Canada and Australia. Looks like you found how to order. This is our first year offering the subscription option, so we have limited it to US buyers for now, but hope to include international in the future. Welcome to the Club!

  2. Please discontinue my subscription at this time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my membership, it’s just I’ve had an abrupt change to my finances since being widowed in 2019 and can no longer afford the membership. I’ve had to let go of the on crochet magazine subscription I had as well. If it changes for the better, I will certainly be back, I have so enjoyed the stories, the lovely, squishy, colorful yarns, the unexpected surprise in every package. It’s been a lot of fun. Thank you ladies!

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