Summer 2021 Kit Reveal

The Story

High Seas Hijinks by author C. Jane Reid. Willa has joined her friend Lola on a voyage to West Texas, sailing across the Atlantic in first class. Their relaxing cruise, however, is about to turn a little less peaceful…

Welcome to the Regal Rose Hotel: The posh and elegant hotel that caters to the rich, the famous, and the eccentric in Jazz Age London. Try the hotel’s signature drink, The Rose, at the Portage Club nightclub, dance the night away to the music of Dot and the Four Grooves, and sit with Lola Rose and her companions as they indulge in jazz, cocktails, rumors, and mysteries. There may just be a romance or two.

Rocaille Reticule Pattern

The newest design by Laurinda Reddig takes inspiration directly from the fashions of the 1920s when our story takes place. This lacy beaded reticule is inspired by the styles popular in the 1920s, from the beaded tassel to the twisted cord handles. The bag is a useful size and shape whether you use it for an evening out or to keep your dice for gaming.

Tencel Yarn and Beads

This kit features one half skein of lustrous fingering weight 100% Tencel yarn hand-dyed by Teresa Ruch Designs, plus half a hank of 8/0 seed beads from Bead Biz in a coordinating color. Choose Sage Yarn with Green Iris Beads or Orchid Yarn with Jet AB Beads.  As with all hand-dyed yarn color shades may vary, and the natural shine of tencel makes it difficult to capture the true colorways.

Velvet Bag Liner and Cord Twisting Tool

For this kit our Designer and Head Crafter Laurinda sewed velvet into bag liners to stitch inside the Reticule project. She also made a Cord Twisting Tool for each kit to help make a twisted cord handle to complete the project.

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