Fall 2020 Kit Reveal

Part 1 of Unraveling: The Last Stitch by author C. Jane Reid.

In 2019 La Center, WA, Lysandra Blair is searching for the father she never knew… In 1999 South Bend, IN, Lee Emery is searching for answers to a rumored family curse…  In 1909 San Francisco, CA, Isabelle Pierson Worth is trying to protect the secrets of Seadale House and her family… Three generations bound together by fate. Where will their stories lead them?   

This is the final chapter of the Donaghue Histories, ending a 300 year saga that began on the shores of Pennsylvania with Ailee and Grahame Donaghue. 

Quinn’s Starry Night Slouch Pattern

Newbie crocheter Lys is hooked, but she’s learning that making so many projects means giving them to friends and family or risk being buried in crochet. This latest design created by Laurinda Reddig is the perfect cozy gift for a new friend, and Lys was excited to be one of the pattern testers for it.

This Slouch Hat design from Laurinda Reddig is perfect for the Pacific Northwest where our final story takes us and where Ficstitches Yarns is based. Wherever you live, it will make a quick cozy gift for a friend, or to keep your own head warm as we head into the autumn months. The yarn has sprinkles of bright color that pop into your work like the night sky filled with stars.

Dark Side of the Moon from Alexandra the Art of Yarn

This kit features 434 yards of Dark Side of the Moon hand-dyed by Alexandra and the Art of Yarn, a superwash Merino wool and silk blend of fingering weight yarn. Kit buyers got to choose Midnight with a touch of either Agean Sea OR Saffron Spice. This is a fun yarn to work with as the bits of bright color pop into your work like the night sky filled with stars. As with all hand-dyed yarns, each skein is a little different.

Project Labeling Button Set

Our designer Laurinda and her 15 year old son (also the hat model) made the accessories this time, using their new button maker to create a set of buttons ready to be used with a wet erase pen that will help you keep track of your crochet projects. Many of our subscribers have been getting our kits for years, so they may have over a dozen of the muslin bags each kit comes in. We wanted to provide a little tool for keeping track of which project is in which bag with the button set in this kit, as well as the buttons we have been including on each of the 2020 kit bags. These handy pins can be attached to any project bag to remind you what’s inside.

Sun Stitch Marker

Laurinda always likes to include a Stitch Marker when the pattern calls for one, such as keeping track of the beginning of rounds on a hat. We chose the Sun charm in honor of Lys’ field of study.

Hand-dyed Bags with Buttons

We can’t forget the muslin project bags hand-dyed by our old neighbor Erica of In The Deep Hue Sea, and hand-stamped by our very own Cecillie who fills many of the behind the scenes rolls to keep Ficstitches Yarns running smoothly. Plus another Button showing off the stitch pattern of this kit’s project to help you identify your project bag.

Are you ready for another year of Adventure?  

Preorders Close next week! Our Winter 2020 Kit Club was only on sale through October 1st. This kit included Part 2 of the final story in the Donaghue Histories Series that started with our very first kit back in 2015. And of course you’ll get all of the usual surprise goodies you’ve come to expect from Ficstitches Yarns!  Subscribe Today!

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