Winter 2020 Kit Reveal

What Did Our Fall Kit Include?

The Second Half of Unraveling: A Fence Between by author C. Jane Reid.

Ned’s struggle to save her neighbors isn’t over, but a new battle has erupted along Ned’s homefront and this time it is personal. Suzy, the girl Ned has helped raise from infancy, learns that her mother wants her back, something she has secretly dreamed of for years. Ned doesn’t believe that Suzy’s mother means well, however, and she almost always follows her instincts, but Ned carries too many doubts about whether she is a good mother to judge another woman. Can she come to trust in herself to make the right choices for all of them while still fighting for her neighbors, or has Ned finally been outflanked by problems? 

Katsuko’s Felted Knot Bag

Our designer Laurinda Reddig brings beauty and usefulness together like two friends in this clever and lovely new design. Ned and her dear friend, Katsuko, might be separated by distance and fences, but neither forgets the other, and this crochet design is one example of the thoughtfulness and skill they both share. A few yards of complementing yarns were included for embroidering the bag to give it an additional elegance with the help of video tutorials from our local embroidery expert Laura Bray of Laura Bray Designs.

Gerty100% Targhee yarn from Anzula Luxury Fibers

One skein of this fingering weight yarn in either Keola (green) or Coco (soft brown). The name Gerty seemed perfect, as Ned’s Dad drove an ambulance in World War I, which they called a “Gerty”!

Custom Crochet Flower Ceramic “Ring Bowl”

The small plates included in each kit were a collaboration between ceramic artist Charan Sachar of Creative With Clay and our designer Laurinda Reddig, combining two crafts in a new way, crochet and ceramics. They were custom made and designed using a flower crochet pattern by Laurinda and the ceramic genius of Charan. We even included the pattern and stitch diagram for the flowers as an added bonus, as well as light bulb stitch markers to help guide the stitches, all wrapped up like a gift in muslin bags hand-dyed by Erica of In the Deep Hue Sea.

Are you ready for another year of Adventure?

Preorders Close Next Week! Our Spring 2020 Kit Club is only on sale through January 31st. This kit will include Part One of a brand new story all about Adelaide Rourke (who was featured in our newsletters awhile back). And of course all of the usual surprise goodies you’ve come to expect from Ficstitches Yarns!

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